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Media Management Trainers on developing digital platforms

Training on developing business models for independent media was one of the objectives of Media Management Training that targeted 16 journalists in 2018 within the DMV Lab program run by Maharat Foundation and DW Akademie.

The journalists who completed the course have become trainers in media management, among them Maryam Mhanna and Hassan Chaaban who are sharing their experience with other journalists and activists in different regions.

Mhanna says she has two different types of knowledge to share: promotional and managerial. Promotional issues are the new digital tools and digital marketing; as for the managerial part, it is about finding ideas for funding to sustain digital media startups. Chaaban considers this issue an ethical responsibility to support journalists in acquiring additional skills that facilitate managing their platforms.

On the importance of media management in ensuring sustainability of digital media platforms, especially at the financial level, Chaaban says that there is no alternative for media entrepreneurs other than engaging in digitization to operate their platforms and ensure their sustainability. Mhanna adds that there are always ways that give hope for journalists to fund their platforms.