Case studies

Case studies 

Media Management Training

In 2018 and 2019, DMV Lab trained 28 media professionals through a 4 month course on all issues related to successful media management, thus creating awareness about, and expertise on running a media institution – things that have been lacking in the MENA region. Graduates have since been able to make an impact either in media they are working in, or working as consultants, strengthening business models and raising the quality of journalism produced.

“DMV Lab enhanced my knowledge of media management issues and gave me training on how to work as a media management consultant. I used this new knowledge when working with a small community media initiative to help them clarify their mission and vision, reflect on revenue streams and improve their use of social media.”
Mariam Mohanna, Independent Media Consultant, Lebanon

“The valuable knowledge I obtained from the training by DW Akademie and Maharat Foundation was a great help to me in applying for an international grant to conduct the first trials for the Al Hudood membership program, funding which Al Hudood successfully obtained.”
Lo’ai Hazem, Al Hudood, Jordan

University Curriculum Development

In 2018, DMV Lab launched its “Reimagining Journalism Studies” initiative, engaging with media faculties in the MENA region to adapt their curricula to current media market trends and to foster a culture of entrepreneurship. DMV Lab organized a series of design thinking workshops gathering academics, entrepreneurs, experts from the technology sector and media students. This diverse group of participants developed various prototypes for courses. Three prototypes were tested in 2019. In the Lebanese University the prototype was a course on immersive storytelling using ‎360° filming techniques. In the Lebanese International University the course was on media management. One prototype course on design thinking methods was tested in Morocco.

“Students need to understand the market trends to be able to monetize their media products; they should have a business mind. This course on media management will teach them that.”
Sahar Charara, Media Faculty at the Lebanese International University

“I teach digital storytelling and now that I learnt new technologies for immersive storytelling using ‎360° filming and applied it in this workshop, I am eager to transfer this knowledge to my students.”
Dr Lama Kahal, Media Faculty at the Lebanese University