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Crowd Funding: An Opportunity for Media Startups

Technology is an opportunity for new digital platforms that are still suffering from a funding crisis. Thus, crowd funding remains one available option for media startups.

The journalist Habib Batah said that from his experience, he conducted an investigative report on the destruction of Beirut Ruins, and he unsuccessfully tried to present his idea for many media outlets, until one European organization adopted his idea, and developed a crowd funding website to support the project.

Crowd funding concept is still new in the Arab World, except for Lebanon as per Hanine Azzam director of Zoomaal platform for crowd funding, and she adds that publishing any project on a digital platform for financial support isn’t popular yet.

Azzam added that media project published on Zoomaal are not many, but highlights Samar Media project that gathered in 2014 a fund of 40,000 USD, for a quality content news project.

Batah emphasized that crowd funding is a new concept but it didn’t completely work because the public is not yet familiar with this type of funding for media projects.