2018 News Digital Media Viability Lab

Conference – Fake News and Media Viability

International Conference
Fake News and Media Viability
Beirut, 24 – 26 April 2018

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Maharat Foundation and DW Akademie are organising an international conference “Fake News and Media Viability” in Beirut from 24 – 26 April 2018.

The problem of “fake news” has become one of the pressing concerns facing our societies. Although misinformation is not new, the Internet and social media mean misinformation can now spread further and quicker than ever before. From inaccurate news reports, sensationalist clickbait and satire taken out of context to political propaganda and attempts by states to influence foreign elections, a single rumour can now quickly reach millions worldwide. And fake news in regions like the Arab World can quickly lead to tragic consequences.

At the same time, media organisations producing quality journalism are in crisis. Many are struggling to find stable business models while public trust in traditional journalism is also down. In one survey, less than half of people in countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia said the news media in their country is credible.

So, what is the relationship between fake news and media viability? Should restoring credibility be the top priority for media aiming for financial stability? Are newsrooms equipped with the tools and skills for fact checking in the digital era? How can media institutions reassert their importance when every user can become a journalist on social media platforms?

Following on from our successful conference on Digital Media Viability in December 2016, and as part of the DMV Lab initiative, Maharat Foundation and DW Akademie would like to explore these essential questions with workshops, discussions and interactive sessions with over 50 exceptional delegates from the Arab World and other regions.

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