Media Management Course

Media Management Course

As part of the Digital Media Viability Lab, we will be running several rounds of media management training.

The in-depth course will involve four modules. Each module comprises of four days’ face to face training (conducted in the Middle East or North Africa) followed by four weeks of e-learning.  

The four modules are:

- How to develop your media business strategy

- How to create, promote and sell content

- How to earn money in non-standard ways and how to economize it

- How to create an effective team in contemporary media

Graduates of the training will receive a certificate to show they have gained extensive understanding of media management in the context of journalism. They will learn knowledge and skills that will help them run a media business successfully.

The first course, for people from Egypt, Kurdistan Region Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Morocco, will be run from January to May 2018. Applications for this course have now closed.

Please check back here to see when applications open again for the next round of training.