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DMV Lab Assists Lebanese Media

Selected Platforms

Media viability consultants from DMV Lab are assisting 9 Lebanese media platforms with strategies to become more viable in the medium term. The 9 platforms were selected to take part in a programme of assistance to alternative media platforms in Lebanon run by Maharat Foundation, Al Jana and DW Akademie.

In the group of selected platforms there are 5 media platforms focusing on producing content for refugees based in Lebanon. The 9 media receiving assistance are:

The first step for each platform is a four-day needs assessment workshop run by a DMV Lab consultant. The DMV Lab consultant leads the platform’s team through a series of exercises to identify the most pressing challenges to the platform’s viability and to come up with ideas about how these challenges might be overcome.

The consultants and the team decide together on the action to take and DMV Lab experts will continue to assist the platforms with consultancy and training. The programme is due to run until at least the end of 2022 with funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.